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Mayawati’s maya

Mayawati’s maya
July 11, 2008 posted by indiatime
Barrack Obama, the 2008 US presidential candidate, has recently won much praise for his campaign’s funding success, where he has managed to raise millions every month, from ordinary American citizens, in 5 and 10 dollar donations. But Mayawati, the chief of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, has now proved that she’s way smarter than Obama. And maybe way smarter than Warren Buffett as well. You see, Mayawati, has managed to increase her wealth, from about 1.35 Crore Rupees to a whopping 52 Crores, thus multiplying her (declared) wealth by a factor of 39.
But how does that make Mayawati smarter than Obama? Here’s how. When the disproportionate increae in Mayawati’s declared wealth raised warning flags at India’s investigative agencies, they respectfully asked her how she’d pulled it off. Mayawati told them that she increased her wealth by seeking small donations of Rs 5 - Rs 10 from the ordinary citizens of India, especially the downtrodden and the backwards, who appreciated her dedication to their cause. The difference between Obama and Mayawati has been that all of Obama’s donations have been going to his campaign kitty. All of Mayawati’s donations (if one’s to believe her statements) have been going to Mayawati’s personal checking account.
And not just Obama, but she may be way too smarter than Warren Buffett, the oracle of Omaha, who has made his billions investing in companies. Mayawati, however, has made her millions (soon-to-be billions) by investing in the downtroddens and the backwards and the destitutes. Her portfolio is not the Walmarts or the IBMs or the Reliances of the world. She, instead has relied on a portfolio of the have-nots, the left-behinds and the down-castes, a portfolio that itself keeps increasing in numbers, thanks to Mayawati’s skilled governance.
And not just Obama and Buffett, Mayawati is way too smarter than Hillary Clinton as well. Whereas Hillary failed to pull off a coalition of her country’s downtroden and the backwards to win her party’s nomination for the presidency, Mayawati has always had an upper hand when it came to the lower castes. She’s the queen of their hearts, their goddess they revere and trust their savings with. And all that she achieves without a famous spouse, in fact, without a spouse.
A few years ago, Mayawati was implicated in a nearly $50-million Taj Corridor scandal, a project that promised to turn the vicinity of Taj Mahal into a multiplex of amusement parks, malls and moonlit streets. It was a bold and a daredevil initiative, the first construction in nearly 400 years that would have rivalled the original construction project that built the Taj Mahal. And like Shah Jahan’s beautiful work dedicated to his loved one’s memories, this would have been Mayawati’s ornate dedication to her loved ones, a tomb to the beloved backward castes that made her the modern ruler of her region.

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