Thursday, 16 October 2008

Mayawati's Govt Sanctions Untouchability in Govt. Schools

"Mayawati's SARVJAN GOVERNMENT officially sanctions UNTOUCHABILTY in Govt. Schools"
Reference news captioned "Phool Kumari sits on dharna at VidhanSabha" in Indian Express reproduced in Dalits in News dated 21st,December. It clearly establishes that Mayawati's Sarvjan govt. has now officially sanctioned UNTOUCHABILITY in govt. schools. The Dalit lady appointed as cook for preparing mid-day meals in a school right in the capital city of Lucknow has been dismissed on the ground that the village Pardhan had appointed her in a wrong manner. But the fact remains that her appointment was hundred percent correct as per the govt. orders. Now an OBC woman has been appointed in her place. This action of the govt. officials has triggered a chain reaction in other Govt. schools in U.P. It has appeared in media that high caste students of a school in Kannauj district have also refused to take food cooked by a Dalit lady cook. Thus U.P. Govt. headed by a Dalit Lady has officially sactioned UNTOUCHABILITY in govt. schools. The right course of action should have been to take action under SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act against the Brahmin Principl who instigated the students to bycott the food cooked by a Dalit cook but instead of that the village Pardhan who happens to be a most backward class fellow has been suspended on frivolous grounds. The vari ous DalitOrganizations including Dr. Ambedkar Mahasabha have taken up this issue and petitioned U.P.State SC/ST Commission to look into the matter. The Commission have issued summons to the officials of Lucknow district administration and Education Daptt. From this incident you can just imagine the fate of U.P.Dalits who are regularly facing atrocities and untouchability in Sarvjan Govt. headed by Mayawati.

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