Friday, 13 May 2016

Dr. Ambedkar faced untouchability even as Law Minister of India

Dr. Ambedkar faced untouchability even as Law Minister of India.
In 1983 I had gone to National Police Academy, Hyderabad to attend Senior IPS Officers Course. During this Coursenwe had a few days training at National Institute of Rural Development. There I met Prof. Mathur who had studied at Columbia University of which Dr. Ambedkar had been a student. He told me that once as Alumni of Columbia University they had arranged a dinner at Delhi where he was seated next to Dr. Ambedkar. During the conversation Dr. Ambedkar said," Mr. Mathur, look I am the Law Minister of India. When my colleagues invite me to their homes on social functions I go and eat what ever is cooked there. But when I invite my colleagues to my home many of them do not take anything under the pretext of being on fast. This is my social status among my colleagues."
You can see the behaviour of caste Hindus with their colleague Minister who was incidentally the Constitution Maker also. You just can imagine the plight of an ordinary untouchable in a village. That is why Dr. Ambedkar had to leave the hellish caste system of Hindu religion.

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