Thursday, 13 March 2008

Mayawati again slams SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act in U.P.

Mayawati again slams SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act in U.P.
S.R.Darapuri I.P.S.(Retd.)

Dalits all over the world must be shocked to know that Mayawati has again slammed the implementation of SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities Act) which is meant for prevention of atrocities and prosecution of those accused of the offence of atrocities on Dalits. You may remember that during her previous stint as CM of U.P. she had issued a written order in this regard but this time only oral orders have been given during her first meeting with the police officers. Her previous order and present oral dispensation is totally illegal and anti Dalit.
As you know SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989 was passed by Parliament after finding that the earlier Acts e.g. Untouchability Offences Act 1955 and Protection of Civil Rights Act 1955 were found to be totally ineffective in preventing and punishing atrocity cases. National Commission for SC/ST and various Parliamentary Committees has time and again lamented the ineffective implementation of these Acts. Even U.N.O. in its recent directives given to the Govt. of India has emphasized the inclusion of SC/ST Act in the training courses of police officers, judicial officers and officers connected with the implementation of welfare schemes of Dalits and ensure its effective implementation. But Mayawati has earned the dubious distinction of being the first chief minister ( Bahujan or Sarvjan, whatever she may be) to officially stop the implementation of SC/ST Act under the pretext of preventing its misuse by Dalits to keep her Sarvjan allies in good humor. I do not feel that the Dalits have become powerful enough to misuse this Act against the all powerful Savarnas. Under Mayawati's present oral order, police has totally stopped the registration of atrocity cases as a result of which U.P. Dalits are falling a prey to unchecked atrocities both at the hands of high caste Hindus and police. Even otherwise U.P. has got the distinction of having the largest Dalit population and the incidence of highest number of atrocities in India.
During Mayawati's two months' present rule hundreds of atrocity cases have taken place as is evinced from daily news papers but hardly 1% of cases have been registered by police. Under the SC/St Act, apart from prosecution of the accused, there is a provision of monetary compensation to the victim of atrocity. But under the present dispensation of Mayawati U.P. Dalits are losers on both the ends. They are faced with a situation of "between the devil and the deep sea". In such a situation, I think all the right thinking persons must write to Mayawati to withdraw her oral order regarding non implementation of SC/ST Act and save U.P. Dalits from the tyranny of high caste atrocities and a whimsical Sarvjan Chief Minister.

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